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Did you know the word archery comes from the Latin word “arcus”? Guess what arcus means? Something curved, such as an arch or a bow! Isn’t it also interesting that you must aim high to hit anything at a distance? The trajectory of the arrow forms a larger arc the…

Life | Personal Leadership

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Do you ever come across a quote that makes you sit up and take notice? I recall one such quote some years back when I first read the words of Pliny the Elder, a highly accomplished Roman author, lawyer, philosopher, military commander, and provincial governor. He is also known for…

Life | Personal Leadership

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When was the last time you said, “I’ll get to it someday.”? Practically everyone repeats this common statement or something like it at some time in their life. Have you noticed how easily it comes out of our mouths and the mouths of others? …

Life | Personal Leadership

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How much thought have you given to giving? Most of us know, according to scripture, it is better to give than receive. Our entire society exists because of giving.

Our country’s forefathers were willing to give their lives for freedom. This willingness to give has created the most powerful and…

Life | Personal Leadership

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What do you do if things are not going well for you at work, at home, or anywhere else in life? How can you correct the situation, and where can you start?

Let’s look at some sage advice from a highly successful entrepreneur, economist, and business theorist from the first…

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Some years ago, I had a defining moment in my life. I will never forget driving on the highway, listening to a cassette tape by a popular personal development guru. He asked a simple question containing only four words. The thought had never crossed my mind before this moment. My…

Life | Personal Leadership

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How is your journey through life so far? Are you going through life as a wanderer, tourist, or traveler? Let’s examine these three ways of doing this thing we call life and see where we may wind up at the end.

First, we will start with a clear definition of…

Life | Personal Leadership

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Have you ever thought about how much our mind and stomach are alike? An author and editor of several magazines early in the last century brought this concept to light. It is an interesting line of thought and one which deserves further consideration.

“The mind is like the stomach. It…


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Everyone has met or knows someone who seems to complain incessantly. Little can be more draining than being around such a person. Many of these people are equal opportunity complainers.

You know the kind of person — the type that complains about other people, their job, family, friends, the weather…


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All life has small beginnings. Did you know that a gamete (sperm) is the smallest cell in the human body? At the other end of the spectrum, the ovum (egg) is the largest cell in the body yet is still very small. …

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