How to find true happiness in your life

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Are you happy? How can you find happiness? What if I told you there were three things that could bring happiness to your life? Would you believe them? More importantly, would you do them?

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The four ways of being when you get more out of life?

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Is it greedy to want to get more out of life? More success, more money, more things, more life, more, more, more. Everywhere you look, and much of what you view or read is about getting more. If it’s so wrong to want more, why do so many continue to seek it?

“There never was a person who did anything worth doing who did not receive more than he…

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Are you an excuse maker or a responsibility taker?

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How do excuses show up in your life? Before saying you don’t make them, weigh your words carefully. Human beings, by nature, are excuse-makers. It is a habit we learn when young, and while we may grow into making fewer excuses as we mature, It is doubtful we can ever eliminate them completely.

Reasons we make excuses

A poll of 2000 Americans indicates the average person makes 2190 excuses to validate their decisions each year. That is an average of six excuses a day! You can find the results of the poll here. The poll contains quite a bit of interesting information so check…


The advantages gained by partnering with your readers

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What would a writer be without readers? A journaler or personal diary keeper, perhaps? Outside of writing for personal use, most of us write for others, or at least one other person.

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Making your life better by partnering with others

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How do you view the important people in your life? Do you see them as a partner, or do you view them as lesser than or more than yourself? Are you aware that how you view people affects how you deal with them and how they deal with you? Did you know this perception you have of yourself and others applies to entities as well?

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Did You Know You Carry the Entire World With You Wherever You Go?

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Do you realize you carry your entire world with you, wherever you go, all of the time? This is true for everyone. Because your thoughts create your world, your world consists of your thoughts. You may have heard this or something similar said in many different ways. Let’s see if we can take this concept a bit further.

“Every man carries within himself a world made up of all that…

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Do you know how to gain control over yourself?

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Do you feel like you have a handle on yourself? In other words, do you have command of who you are, who you are becoming, and what you do each day? How can you gain this kind of control in your life? Do you know the limits of control you have over yourself? How about over others? Let’s answer these questions and more.

Where do you have dominion in life?

Have you ever attempted to control someone else? Not a good idea, is it? As a parent, you have influence over your child or children, yet how much do you actually control them, especially as they age?


Why Not Give Customers the Product They Want and Need?

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When you purchase something, do you buy it because you want it, or because you need it? This question has one of those “It depends” answers, doesn’t it?


Overcoming the difficulties in life and escaping the past

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Would you like a fresh start in life? There are times when most of us would jump at a chance to make a fresh and new start in our lives.

The difficulties of life

Life can be difficult. This can be especially true when we fail to live up to our expectations. And we all fail to live up to them at times, don’t we? …

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Do you build each day upon the previous day, or are they wasted?

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How aware are you of time as it passes on the calendar? Does it fool you at times?

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