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How you can easily take control of your future

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Where are you headed in life? Do you know what it will take to get you there?

At some point in our lives, most of us will come to terms with where we want to be in the future. In fact, it may happen several times for some. When we are young, retirement is so far away few of us give it much thought. Unless you are one of the rare conscientious individuals who think and plan 40 years out, it is not a concern until you are older. …

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Can a little praise change someone’s life for good

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Could you use a little encouragement at times? How about today? Why not right now!

I want to encourage you at this very moment. It is no accident you are reading this. Have you noticed how often we seem to get what we need at just the right time in life? That time is now.

Let me encourage you by saying you are special. You are unique and extraordinary in so many ways. You are an amazing person!

You say, “You don’t know me, so how can you say that?”

I believe I can say that because I know my…

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Why firsthand thinking can make a difference in your life

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Many things change in business over the years, while many stay the same. Those who have gone before us faced most of the issues we do today. It has always been like that when it comes to the basics of business and leadership.

As in the past, too few businesses recognize the value of continued leadership training in their organizations. Sure, some do, and I applaud them; however, that does not change the fact that far too many do not.

A few generations ago, a famous judge and politician said something that is as true today as it was in…

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Clearing your mind so you can see life more clearly

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Do you hate dirty windows? Whether they are in your house or car, dirty windows can make it difficult to see the world clearly. For many years I lived in Central Florida between Orlando and the gulf coast. Each year like clockwork, you can expect an invasion of love bugs bombarding your car. These bugs are most active when mating, which usually happens around May and August. And do they ever make a sticky mess as they splatter on the front of your car and windshield while driving down the highway.

Lovebugs are so messy you don’t want to use…

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The formula for staying fit and improving your world

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Everyone knows the importance of keeping fit physically. There is so much written about it each year it is practically overwhelming. We are routinely bombarded with new exercises, methods, supplements, eating plans, superfoods, and countless other things. It is big business, after all!

Health and fitness

How big is the health and fitness business? Here are three segments and their approximate global revenue projected for this year:

  • Gym industry — $97 billion
  • Dietary supplement industry — $152 billion
  • Health and wellness food market — $811 billion

Worldwide far more than a trillion dollars is spent annually on those three areas alone, with many…

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How to see your work in a different and better way

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Do you enjoy what you do for a living? What words do you use to describe what you do?

I often refer to how I make a living as my job, work, or profession, while others call it their occupation, calling, position, or career. There are many words and ways to describe what we do for a living.

What does work mean to you?

What does the word you use most tell you about what you think of your job, if anything? The word you use to describe what you do can have little or significant meaning, depending on the individual. …

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Learn to supercharge your career with these two fundamental principles

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Why is it some people are almost always late and rarely if ever, arrive early? Does it frustrate you, or are you okay with it? If punctually-challenged people frustrate you, or if you happen to be one of them, read on.

Have you heard someone say, “they’d be late for their own funeral if it were possible.” While an exaggeration, I have known more than one person who fits this description. And yes, they frustrate me to no end.

Lateness has been a pet peeve of mine for as long as I can remember. I don’t know precisely when being…

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Why you may wish to develop your love for learning

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Is anything in life more important than learning? Think about it. Everything you have done in life and everything you will do in the future depends on what you have learned. Do you think learning is important? For most of us, the answer is absolutely, positively, without hesitation, and without question, YES!

Learning is a crucial life skill.

That last statement brings up a question. Is learning a skill, or is it an ability? Yes.

Learning is both an ability and a skill. The definition of skill according to the Oxford Dictionary is:

Skill — noun: — the ability to…

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Learning how to take control of your life through your thoughts

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

How often do you think about your thoughts? From where do our thoughts originate? At times they appear to come out of thin air. At other times we get so wrapped up in our thoughts we can think of nothing else. Then there are those times when thinking too much or too hard about something can give you a headache.

Are thoughts just a result of the chemical soup in our brains? Or is there something else, something behind the creation of thought? When you begin giving thought to your thoughts you inevitably wind up with more questions than answers…

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The complexity of our brain compared to computers

Image by VSRao from Pixabay

At times it can be enjoyable to think about thinking. The mind is wonderfully complex and beyond comprehension in its functions. While we have learned a great deal about the brain because of the fields of neuroscience and psychology, we have barely scratched the surface.

Mysteries of the brain

Our limited understanding presents many mysteries to us about the brain. Do a quick search on the web, and you will find numerous articles about these mysteries. One of the more profound pieces of writing on the subject comes from the Allen Institute of Brain Science. …

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