Where true happiness lies on the road of life

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“Life is a journey” is not exactly an original theme yet expresses a truth that is hard to deny. Many have repeated it over the years, with its exact phrasing changed slightly at times.

One variation on “Life as a journey” was written many years ago by a consultant, author, and publisher. He follows his small change with thought-provoking words that are simple and full of truth. Here is the quote in its entirety:

“Someone has well said, ‘Success is a journey, not a destination.’ Happiness is to be found along the way, not at the end of the road…

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How you can yield bigger dividends in life

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For any business to function effectively and profitably, it must produce at least one product someone needs or desires. Many people have analogized business with life, with several books using “The Business of Life” as their title. Indeed, many parallels exist between the two.

If we look at life as a business, it must produce something. What does every life produce as an outcome that other people need or desire? Is it not integrating ourselves into society as civilized human beings?

The product of the business of life

From birth, every human being must do one thing to survive, thrive, and be wanted and needed in the…

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What does your view of the world mean?

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How we see the world is such a broad subject we could spend weeks discussing it, even in part. If you think I am exaggerating, look at how often the world attempts to “help” us see in various ways.

How does the world attempt to “help” us see, you ask — through the influence of countless books, television shows, movies, magazines, newspapers, schools, and universities. Add to this the continual bombardment of advertising, and the endless reporting from the mainstream and alternate media. …


How worry can affect your health and your life

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What would it be like to live a life without worry? Can you imagine that? It would be like living in a near-perfect world!

Unfortunately, a worry-free world does not exist on this earth. Yet how much of our worry is unfounded?

Why we worry

Where does worry originate? Much of our worry comes from thinking about something negative occurring in the future. You could also say this worry is rooted in an expectation or fear of something bad happening. From where does this expectation or fear come? Perhaps it comes from doubt, past experiences, or an overall negative outlook on life. …


How our lives are shaped, ground, and polished

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Have you ever considered how much both the good and the bad have shaped your life? It begins the minute we are born. In our youth, we are shaped largely by our environment, what happens to us, what we are allowed to do and not do, and how our parents and others treat us.

The shaping of our lives

During these younger years, we learn how to behave. We learn what is considered good and bad, what is acceptable and what is not.

As we mature, we take more control over what is happening in our lives. We make more decisions and gain more independence.


How brave do you think you are in everyday life?

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Do you consider yourself brave? You are likely braver than you realize. How does the word courage strike you? Do you think you possess courage? There is a good chance you have more courage than you know.

“All brave men [and women] love; for [they] only [are] brave who [have] affections to fight for, whether in the daily battle of life, or in physical contests.” Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804–1864)

Let’s quickly look at the meaning of each of these words, brave and courage. We usually think of them as being synonymous, yet there are some differences. …


What does it mean to live a one-of-a-kind life?

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How unique are you? Do you feel unique? Do you ever think of yourself as unique? What does it mean to be unique? Does it matter? So many questions!

The simple definition for unique in the Oxford Dictionary is “being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.” Are you not the only you in existence?

Do you not find it amazing every person on earth is individually unique? In fact, every person in all of history has been completely unique.

The uniqueness of every being

The Population Research Bureau, founded in 1929, estimates the total number of people to have lived in all…

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Why not accomplish great things in your life?

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What do you do when you have the experience of reading something that resonates deeply within you? Do you think about it, journal about it, or figure that it will come back somehow if it is really that important?

Fortunately, as a writer, the best way to understand why something resonates deeply within me is to express it in writing. Writing allows me to think and explore such profundity more deeply.

I recently ran across a quote from one of my favorite American presidents that struck me to my core. This man had an amazing life. He was a Rough…

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The comfort, health, and happiness of well-being

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What does well-being mean to you? It can mean different things to different people, but the bottom line of well-being is being well! As the Oxford Dictionary puts it, well-being is “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.” Merriam-Webster puts a slightly different twist on its definition — “the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous.”

Well-being has been a significant leadership topic for much of the 21st century and is more relevant today than ever. The full-on assault of the pandemic in 2020 has affected so many of us; it is no wonder. …

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Why not play to your strengths rather than your weaknesses?

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Which do you think about more often, your weaknesses or your strengths? What about others? Do you think more about their weaknesses or their strengths? Does it matter what we think?

“Although men are accused of not knowing their own weakness, yet perhaps few know their own strength. It is in men as in soils, where sometimes there is a vein of gold which the owner knows not of.” Jonathon Swift (1667–1745)

About twenty years ago, a shift occurred in the personal development and training fields toward identifying and enhancing people’s strengths.

This shift was created mainly by Donald Clifton…

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