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  • Heather Lavender

    Heather Lavender

    So you want to hear a couple of general and useless tweets?

  • Lacy Galtere

    Lacy Galtere

    CEO The Father’s Table Coaching & Consulting. Passionate about Health & Wellness, Mindfulness and being good to oneself (“Self-Care”). #entrepreneur

  • Judilsom Information

    Judilsom Information

    So my name is Judilsom . I come from Angola, Angola is a country of central south Africa, the peoples speak portuguese.I like writ story amazing of the life.

  • Óscar Marques

    Óscar Marques

    SikaniCompany-CEO. Interested in people and your nature,studing also people,what they do&Why they do.Writing whatever comes to mind. Exploring ideas to Help all

  • Jeff Deck

    Jeff Deck

    Writing coach, ghostwriter, editor. Mining in Markarth. Join my free FB group for help writing your novel: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ultimatewritingcoach

  • Santo Evaristo Martins Mabiala

    Santo Evaristo Martins Mabiala

    Medium Biography Hello and welcome to my profile, my name is Santo Evaristo Martins Mabiala, I am Angolan born on February 4, 1999, in Luanda. HERE in my profil

  • Simão João

    Simão João

    I write about everything, entrepreneur, Cryptocurrency investor, Holder, Professor, Trader

  • Ramblings of a Hyperactive Mind

    Ramblings of a Hyperactive Mind

    This is Ramblings of a Hyperactive Mind, a newsletter about Sociology, RPG, Diversity and Inclusion, ASD/ADHD and Creative Writing — not exactly in that order.

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