What Do You See Through Your Windshield?

Does your windshield need to be cleaned?

Bill Abbate
6 min readJun 3


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It can be dangerous when your windshield is so dirty you can barely see through it. Cleaning it lets you see more clearly, helping you safely get where you want to go.

Do you see the connection between a dirty windshield and how we can live our lives? Let’s look at the difference a clean windshield can make for you.

You can’t see what you can’t see

Isn’t it nice to have a clean windshield? It’s even nicer to have all of the windows clean. Clean windows let you better see what’s ahead, around, and behind you. Yet some of the messes in life can make it so difficult to see you can lose sight of what is important.

Have you ever heard of love bugs? If you haven’t, consider yourself fortunate. I lived in Florida for over a decade, and Lovebugs invaded the highways yearly. According to Fox Weather:

“Lovebugs congregate near highways because they are attracted to automobile exhaust fumes from diesel and gas…

Besides being annoying, the acidic bug juice (ew) can be nasty for your car paint. …car owners should wash the bug guts off within about 24 hours to avoid damage…”

And boy, do they make a sticky mess as they splatter on the front of your car and windshield. Lovebugs are so messy you don’t want to use your windshield washer fluid and wipers. If you do, you only smear their sticky mess so severely that it can be difficult to see. You are better off waiting until you can scrub them off.

The lovebugs of life

Many of us experience difficult times where the sticky mess of life clings and clouds our vision and ability to get things done, much less see ahead. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply turn on your wipers or otherwise clean them to restore your vision?

Unfortunately, it is not easy, and like the love bugs, it can take a good amount of elbow grease. Such is life for many of us. That dirty window of life makes it difficult to see clearly, and can completely block your vision unless you clean it!



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